Be the Light

Here’s what my next song looks like. Another week and it should be ready for release as a demo.



Teachings in the Key of Life

That’s it, it’s done. I’ve just published the final chapter of my advanced class, Teachings in the Key of Life. It’s entitled, Walking by the Spirit, appropriately enough. This year, 2017, is the 40th anniversary of when I was born again sailing up the Gulf of Aqaba, when God spoke to me at the very spot where he parted the sea for Moses and the children of Israel. For 40 years I’ve wandered around in the spiritual wilderness of the churches unbelief while studying, learning, researching, and putting my two classes together. It’s done. It’s time to march across the parted oceans of religion to the promised land of the Age of Grace.

I’ve still probably around a year’s work to do before Teachings in the Key of Life is ready for publication, but it’s already online for everyone to read on their phones, iPads, Kindles, laptops and computers here. By the way, this is the image I’ll be using for the cover design.



I’ve been working on Words and here’s what it looks like on the computer now. It’s been cleaned up, edited and mixed. All it needs to finish it off is electric guitar and a soaring lead. That will have to wait though as I’m saving up for a new electric guitar. I’ll be starting work on another song this week.

Oh, and I’ve another chapter of the new book underway. The first draft is done and I’m currently working through that. This will be the final chapter of the new book. Once this is done, I’ll have to get the whole thing ready for publishing.